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Tilbury Ontario's Easiest Auto Financing Option

Fast Auto Financing is based in Tilbury Ontario and is now an auto financing regional leader.

 When it comes to getting approved for financing on vehicles, Fast Auto Financing takes a unique approach that puts clients first. Fast Auto Financing has a local office in Tilbury, and knows the local used car market extremely well. In fact Fast Auto Financing is a division of Tilbury based Fusion Auto Sales, which is a leading used car dealer in the area and one of the fastest growing used car companies in Canada.  We work with customers from a variety of financial and credit situations in Tilbury Ontario, and can get no credit, and bad credit customers loans even they have no credit history, or what might be considered a bad credit score.

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Tilbury Ontario 
No Credit Car Loans

We specialize in working with customers who don’t have credit or have a limited credit history.  A perfect example would be a young Tilbury driver who needs to buy a car to commute to a first job, as they embark on a new career after University.   The challenge is that they may not have the credit history required to get a car loan from a bank or other auto financing company.  We understand that kind of car credit challenge compeltely, and  we can ofen help by negotiating the best possible terms with Canada's leading lenders.  Negotiating car loans for clients is what we do. We have contacts with all the major Canadian banks, and other financinal institutions and through our car loan channels we can usually get clients approved for car loans even if they have been turned down for car credit by Tilbury area Car Dealers,  Banks, or other car-credit-lenders.


If you've been turned down for a car loan in the Tilbury area, Fast Auto Financing is here to help with your Bad Credit situation. Bad Credit is used to describe a broad list of different credit scenarios. We know each car buyer's situation is unique.  Every individual client is different and all factors must considered carefully. We have programs for the following auto financing situations:

  • Car Loans after Bankruptcy

  • Bad Credit Vehicle Loans

  • Collections or Missed Payments

  • Your job is your credit programs

  • Repossessions

  • Consumer Proposals

Online Application – 2 Minutes – Fast, Easy and Secure!

Click on the car credit application link above  and you will be contacted by one of our Tilbury Ontario dealer representatives who will begin working with you on getting your next vehicle.


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100% No Obligation.

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Fast Auto Financing also serves these other local communities :

* Tilbury Ontario

* Wallaceburg Ontario

* Blenheim Ontario

* Wheatley Ontario

* Mitchell's Bay Ontario

* Ridgetown Ontario

* Thamesville Ontario

* Pain Court Ontario

* Dresden Ontario

* Lighthouse Cove Ontario

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Getting approved for a car loan in Tilbury and region is easy with Fast Auto Financing.

Just click on the button and fill out the pre-approval car credit application. It only takes two minutes and there is no obligation. Even if you have been denied credit by a Tilbury area car dealer, bank or other auto lender, Fast Auto Financing can help you secure a car loan at the best possible auto-loan rates available in the Tilbury Ontario area. Tilbury Auto Loans - Fast & Easy with Fast Auto Financing.

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